The Project

MAT4.0-CM is a research program in intelligent manufacturing of advanced materials for energy, transport and health, with the aim of promoting the additive manufacturing of metallic materials and high performance compounds.

MAT4.0-CM main goal is to create an innovation hub in the area of Smart Manufacturing of advanced materials for energy, transport and health applications in the Madrid region. For this, it is necessary to make an effective use of all existing scientific resources and infrastructures in the region, to put them at the service of the productive sector, with the aim of generating knowledge, facilitating the implementation of advanced technologies in existing companies and favoring the creation of new innovative companies.

MAT4.0-CM consists on a plan of basic research on additive manufacturing of components of advanced metallic alloys and polymer based composite materials, with zero defects and high mechanical performance. In parallel, it will develop the necessary technological tools to help companies in the region implement the “Industry 4.0” strategy in the field of advanced manufacturing. The program has 6 specific objectives:

  1. The design of new materials, optimized for additive manufacturing, including their sustainability (light alloys, high temperature alloys, composite materials).
  2. Knowledge generation in material-process-microstructure relationships in new additive manufacturing processes in metals.
  3. The topological optimization of the structure of polymer-based composite materials by means of new 3D printing techniques.
  4. The establishment of new advanced characterization techniques, tailored to the specifications of additive manufacturing.
  5. The development of online monitoring strategies for additive manufacturing, as the first step to develop adaptative and smart manufacturing processes.
  6. The development of new adaptative and smart manufacturing strategies based on online monitoring and advanced process simulation, applying data mining and artificial intelligence.


The innovation hub goal is to act as an effective interface for the transfer of R&D results to the business sector, in particular SMEs and new technology-based companies. The consortium consists of 8 research groups belonging to four research institutes (IMDEA Materials, FIDAMC, CENIM-CSIC and IdiPAZ), two universities (Polytechnic and Carlos III) and 5 research laboratories. The proposed research will be carried out in collaboration with several associated companies, leaders in the energy (Repsol), automotive (Grupo Antolin), aeronautical (ITP Aero, Airbus, Aciturri), manufacturing (ArcelorMittal, Acerinox, Renishaw) and health (Breca Health Care, Regemat 3D) sectors. In addition, the innovation hub has the support of other technological platforms, such as the Ciber BBN, Materplat, ICTNanoimbiosis and the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia, with interests in the field of advanced manufacturing.