The research group in Laser Engineering and Applications of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) is made up of 6 doctors and incorporates the work of several pre-doctoral researchers in the framework of different R&D&I project, aside from different students of Industrial Engineering of the UPM doing their MSc. thesis. The group was established in 1990, having a remarkable experience in the development and instrumentation of industrial applications of power lasers that has led to projects of both national and international interest in collaboration with companies and R&D centers from the framework of the UPM Laser Center (as of 1999).

Currently, the group (which has been giving birth to the formation of new specialized groups) has a well-recognized level at national and international scope in processes of laser interaction of high intensity with the matter (shock waves treatments generated by laser), surface functionalization processes using short pulse lasers (generation hierarchical surfaces of nm/mm to obtain modified wettability properties), and optimization based on numerical modeling and real-time monitoring of laser-assisted surface coating processes (including the best-known versions of additive manufacturing processes of metallic materials), an area in which the group proposes its collaboration within the framework of this Project.