The research activity of the group is developed within a multidisciplinary team currently composed of nine doctors. Since its formation (in 1996) there has been a concern to maintain research activity within the framework of competitive projects (at all three levels: regional, national, international). The activities addressed in the field of material development through design have a character both fundamental and applied, from synthesis and processing to the conform of the materials obtained.

The main lines of research comprehensively address the development of materials and the study of both mechanical and tribological behavior, as well as in aggressive environments. It works specifically with sintered low alloy steels, sintered steels for high performance (ODS ferritic steels for extreme environments, nuclear reactors), high entropy alloys and in Co g-g’ superalloys for high temperature applications. Therefore, it develops from:

  • The calculation of thermodynamic and kinetic balances both for the development of new materials and alloys and for the optimization of coating deposition processes (Thermocalc and DICTRA®).
  • The synthesis and manufacture of metals in powder form (micro and nanometric size, as well as nanostructured particles).
  • Consolidation of metal products in powder form. Consolidation technologies include the basic processing routes in powder technology (pressing and sintering) as well as advanced (CIP).

Characterization of behavior in working conditions. Study of the development of microstructures, such as the mechanical response, against corrosion and oxidation.