Phase transformation lab CENIM

The planned activities the CENIM Phase Change Lab will have to carry out, aims to support the participating research groups involved in MAT4.0 objectives 1 and 2. The laboratory tasks will use the high resolution dilatometers and its high precision heating and cooling system in order to carry out various thermal treatments with and without deformation that will allow to study the stability of the microstructures obtained by both conventional casting routes and powder metallurgy routes (powder compaction and sintering or 3D printing). Specifically, the work plan activities that will be studied with this equipment in the project are:

  • Heat treatments to study the formation of intermetallic phases at high temperatures (500-900 ºC) in HEAs.
  • Study of dimensional variations (Linear expansion coefficient) in HEAs printed by SLM (Selective Laser Melting) compared to samples manufactured by conventional casting routes.
  • Deformation by compression at high temperatures to study the evolution of the elastic limit and hardening in HEAs.
  • Accelerated creep tests using high tensions under compression.
  • Differential thermal analysis to determine the critical T of the alloys studied which contribute to the optimization of the additive manufacturing cycle.