Micro and Nanomechanical Lab NANOMEC

Since 2008, the NANOMEC Laboratory of the IMDEA Materials Institute has been equipped with unique infrastructures, both at the Community of Madrid and at the national level, giving answer to the needs detected and reinforcing the already existing infrastructures in the region. Thus, the most relevant technical capabilities are:

  • 3D characterization of materials by X-ray tomography, FIB focused ion beam tomography and transmission electron microscopy tomography, TEM.
  • Performing mechanical tests in situ within the scanning electron microscope, up to temperatures of 600 ºC.
  • The performance of in situ mechanical tests within an X-ray tomograph.
  • Performing mechanical tests of micro and submicron samples, up to temperatures of 750 ºC.

The specific tasks that will be carried out using the equipment of this laboratory are detailed below.

The microstructural characterization of the produced powders and the manufactured samples using SEM, TEM and X-ray tomography.

The X-ray tomography capabilities of the NANOMEC laboratory are indispensable to perform the defect analysis evaluation and optimization of the printing and deposit parameters of composite materials.

The advanced characterization capabilities of NANOMEC are indispensable for the characterization of the topology, 3D microstructural characterization and micromechanical characterization of highly porous Ti specimens for applications such as prosthesis and implants.