The Advanced Manufacturing group of the IMDEA Materials Institute (IMDEA-FA), which acts as coordinator, consists of 18 doctors. This is a multidisciplinary group whose research is carried out in four areas, all of them fundamental pillars on which MAT4.0 is based:

  • Design, processing and development of metal alloys: Processing of high-performance metal materials by solidification, atomization, deformation and additive manufacturing; physical simulation of conformation and deformation processes; analysis of the deformation mechanisms, recrystallization and phase transformations.
  • Design, processing and characterization of advanced composite materials: Design of composite materials with unconventional architectures, damage and fracture simulation, impact and damage tolerance analysis.
  • Computer Materials Engineering: Multi-scale modeling applied to the behavior and processing of materials, from ab-initio models, molecular dynamics and thermodynamic modeling; phase field modeling; finite element modeling.
  • Multi-scale characterization of materials and processes: 2D and 3D microstructural characterization by electron microscopy, X-ray tomography and electron diffraction; in situ monitoring of deformation, recrystallization and phase transformation processes.