The Tissue Engineering and 3D Printing Platform (PITI3D) seeks both the development of research projects and to provide solutions in the areas of tissue engineering and bio-printing. It offers different services such as computer image, virtual planning, computer-aided design, as well as 3D printing technologies to the professionals of La Paz University Hospital and idiPAZ research institute.

The platform addresses the numerous medical needs present in the field of regenerative medicine through the design of projects and collaborations established with medical professionals and researchers in that sector. Among its main areas of activity are: Bio-printing of organs and tissues, creation of “Lab On a Chip” and “Organ on a Chip” devices, tissue engineering techniques to develop tissue and organ models, development of new medical devices (such as bio-models, surgical guides, prostheses and implants) based on 3D printing, as well as the use of computational imaging and virtual planning to plan surgeries.