The FIDAMC research group, dedicated to advanced lay-up processes, has been established since the foundation was created in 2006, with the main mission to gain knowledge and development of automation in composite lay-up processes. It is formed by three doctors, three senior researchers with high experience in the design, process development and design of tooling for CFRP lay-up, and two specialists in the generation of layers of composite material and machine programming. In addition, the group is supported by qualified laboratory technicians.

The group has developed projects to increase the productivity of the lay-up machines, the improvement of processes for the reduction of the “non-quality” costs derived from automatic lay-up and the automation of new processes and new materials.

The group also collaborates with the group of in situ automation and consolidation of thermoplastic CFRP materials, partially based on deposition automation processes. Similarly, in the last two years, objectives have been extended to additive manufacturing machines of composite material, with and without reinforcements. In this field, FIDAMC has developed a FFF machine.