FIDAMC Lab occupy 430 m2, splitted in four different areas:

  • Laboratory for cutting and preparation of test specimens.
  • Mechanical characterization laboratory.
  • Physicochemical laboratory.
  • Non-destructive essays.

The FIDAMC laboratory is accredited under ISO 17025, No. 1099/LE2107, certified by the international NADCAP program for non-metallic materials, and authorized by Airbus to carry out numerous tests. Currently, all laboratory equipment is being used to support international and national projects, as well as external clients.

In the development of the research program, the FIDAMC laboratory has two main activities:

  • Manufacture of panels and small demonstrators.
  • Destructive and non-destructive tests of manufactured elements in the research program.

In the first task, FIDAMC will manufacture with the autoclave machines described above, the panels and small components that are designed jointly with IMDEA for additive manufacturing processes and AFP in plastic materials.

In the second task, the FIDAMC lab will validate the quality of the pieces manufactured in the research program through non-destructive tests. Subsequently, these elements will be cut and prepared for physicochemical and mechanical characterization through destructive tests.