Last Friday, IMDEA Materials welcomed fellow members of the Smart Fabrication of Advanced Materials for Transport, Energy and Health, or Mat4.0-CM, project to discuss its progress. Mat4.0-CM, funded by the Comunidad de Madrid, is focused on developing the additive manufacturing technology of the future.

The workshop saw presentations from IMDEA Materials researcher Shruti Banait who discussed the effect of meta-precipitate distribution on the mechanical behaviour of Inconel 718 lattice structures.

Juan Ignacio Caballero Garzón from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) spoke of the use of machine learning and ultrasonic inspection to assess porosity in composite materials (FIDAMC – Fundación para la Investigación, Desarrollo y Aplicación de Materiales Compuestos), while Roger Castellote-Alvarez from the National Centre for Metallurgical Research CENIM CSIC detailed research on high-entropy alloys produced through powder bed laser fusion (#PBLF) 3D printing processes.

Also presenting was Giovanni Ortiz Perez from the UPM who outlined the #characterization and monitoring of defectology in PBLF additive manufacturing techniques via continuous laser.

The project’s next meeting will be held in April, 2023.