The event madditiVe 2022 was held at IMDEA Materials on March 16th 2022. The event took place on that day from 9 am to 2 pm and have the following presentations:

  • Welcome by the IMDEA Material’s Deputy Director Jon Mikel Molina.
  • The opening was presented by Ana Isabel Cremades, General Director of Research and Innovation Technology of the Community of Madrid.
  • Jon MIkel Molina presented the programme MAT4.0, in his charge of Coordinator. He described the objectives and main actions, showing the current results of the main lines and the activities still to perform until the end of the project.
  • Emilio Iglesias Cadarso, from CDTI, presented a conference titled “Entreprise R&D funding”. He talked about different calls and funding opportunities provided by CDTI (NEOTEC, CIEN, Líneas estratégicas, Misiones, Cervera, etc.), as well as their characteristics, with special interest in projects related to additive and advanced manufacturing.
  • Elvira León, CEO of Addvance, presented the Neotec project “Additive manufacturing automatization”. She put the focus on the manufacturing on demand for companies, so they don’t need to overproduce and stimulate the costs reduction in maintenance.
  • Begoña Hernández de Aguirre, Marketing and Commerce Director in Abax, presented her conference titled “How the additive manufacturing push your company forward”. She introduced the technology FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). She also listed some of the projects, products and services they provide to a variety of companies from different industries (food, transport, machinery, health, etc.).
  • Lastly, Ana María Fernández, Materials and Processes Engineer in ITP Aero talked about the Additive Manufacturing in the Aeronautic industry, specially in connection to engines and turbines.

The event had two spaces to network between presenters and attendants, during a coffee break and at a cocktail at the end.