New researchers start their work in MAT4.0

All the personnel to be hired within the project MAT4.0-CM has already started to work in the programme.

Shruti Banait (Akole, India, 1994): she has experience in the field of Additive Manufacturing, metallurgical aspects of additive manufacturing, topology optimization and Ni and Fe based alloys. She is part of the IMDEA Materials group and will be working together with the Powder Technology group of UC3M on lattice based materials produced by additive manufacturing.

Jorge Jiménez Aguirre (Madrid, Spain, 1994): Double Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering at UPM, Spain, and University of Tampere (TUNI), Finland. During his master degree, he worked on the atomistic scale modeling of carbon diffusion in ferritic iron through Molecular Dynamics simulations. His master thesis was about the characterization by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) of carbon concentration distribution in martensitic and bainitic steels. He is part of the Materalia (CENIM-CSIC) group and will be working, together with the IMDEA Materials group, on new high entropy alloys for AM.

Gabriel Mesas Peña (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, 1995): He carried out his Master’s Degree in the Powder technology research group of the Materials Science and Engineering Department of the Carlos III University of Madrid, dealing with new methods of manufacturing aeronautical aluminum alloys using powder metallurgical routes. He is part of the UPM-GRIAL group and will be working, together with the IMDEA Materials group, on online monitoring strategies of the SLM process.

Juan Ignacio Caballero (Madrid, Spain, 1994): He is finishing a Master degree in Treatment of Computational Statistical Information at UCM and UPM. He has acquired experience in machine learning, data mining, neural networks and spark. He is part of the UPM-MMEAN group and will be working, together with UPM-MIDAS and FIDAMC on smart manufacturing approaches applied to composite processing.