Launch meeting of the MAT4.0-CM program

On February 1, 2019, in the IMDEA Materials seminar room (Getafe), the launch meeting of the MAT4.0-CM program took place, attended by the main researchers of all participating groups and laboratories.

In the first place, presentations were made both individually and by the different groups (IMDEA, FIDAMC, UPM-MMEAN, UPM-MIDAS, UPM-GRIAL, IDIPAZ, UC3M, CENIM-CSIC) and laboratories associated to the research groups.

Afterwards, the scientific presentation of the program was carried out by the coordinator of the program, Jon Mikel Molina, which consisted of a summary of the concept, general and specific objectives, composition of the work groups, PhD students to be hired and the setting of the action plan for the following months.

Next, the project manager, whose approval was agreed during the meeting, presented the administrative characteristics of the program, important dates, instructions for the economic and technical justification, recruitment rules and training plan, as well as the management structure and calendar of meetings.

After several Q&A shifts, the meeting ended satisfactorily. Some of the attendees took the opportunity to have the first meetings of the specific Working Groups, to guide the distribution of tasks among the different partners, as well as to meet the facilities and equipment of IMDEA Materials.