Towards a regional innovation hub in the field of smart manufacturing of advanced materials

MAT4.0-CM is a Programme funded by the Regional Government of Madrid for the period January 2019 to December 2022 and constitutes an interdisciplinary and intersectorial collaborative framework, aiming to perform basic research on additive manufacturing of components of advanced metallic alloys and polymer based composite materials, with zero defects and high mechanical performance.

The consortium is formed by 8 research groups: 4 groups from public research centres (IMDEA Materials, FIDAMC, CENIM-CSIC and, IDIPAZ), 4 groups of two universities from Madrid (UPM and UC3M) and 5 laboratories (2 at IMDEA Materials, 1 at FIDAMC and 2 at CENIM-CSIC), involving more than 49 PhDs.

The final idea is to develop knowledge tools and transfer them to the regional industry, aiming to advance in the implementation of the “Industry 4.0” strategy in the field of advanced manufacturing. This transfer will count on the participation of associated companies, leaders in their respective fields such as: energy (Repsol), automotive (Grupo Antolin), aeronautics (ITP Aero, Airbus, Aciturri), manufacturing (ArcelorMittal, Acerinox, Renishaw) and health (Breca Health Care, Regemat 3D). In addition, other R&D platforms like Ciber BBN, Materplat, ICT-Nanoimbiosis and the Institut of Biomechanics of Valencia, have shown interest in the MAT4.0-CM results.

Mat4.0 consortium meeting

Last Friday, IMDEA Materials welcomed fellow members of the Smart Fabrication of Advanced Materials for Transport, Energy and Health, or Mat4.0-CM, project to discuss its progress. Mat4.0-CM, funded by the Comunidad de Madrid, is focused on developing the additive...

Madditive 2022

The event madditiVe 2022 was held at IMDEA Materials on March 16th 2022. The event took place on that day from 9 am to 2 pm and have the following presentations: Welcome by the IMDEA Material's Deputy Director Jon Mikel Molina. The opening was presented by Ana Isabel...